Where to rent and drive classic cars like a 1964 ERA Cobra in Seattle

Where to rent and drive classic cars like a 1964 ERA Cobra in Seattle. Rent a Classic Car Seattle. Classic Auto Rentals is dedicated to preserving and sharing the elegance, simplicity and character of vintage and enthusiast automobiles.  Whether you want to relive a memory or fulfill a fantasy; we’re here to help you get out and drive a classic.

1964 ERA Cobra


The original Shelby Cobra was the result of taking the classic British AC roadster and stuffing a Ford v8 and transmission into it to create a fantastic street car and successful race cars. This ERA reproduction of the FIA 289 version of the Cobra is very true to the original in appearance and layout, but with some improvements to make it more drivable and enjoyable on modern roads. This car has a small block 302 punched out to 331 cubic inches and making approximately 340 hp. It is backed by a Tremac 5 speed manual transmission and has disc brakes and independent suspension at all around. The clutch is light and easy to operate and the suspension is very comfortable (not stiff or harsh at all). Take this automotive icon out for a day and experience one of the all-time classic driving experiences.

Note:  this Cobra does not have a top or side curtains, so it is not recommended to reserve for rainy days.

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